There is a scientific reason behind the baby shower ceremony in Tamil Nadu?

A baby shower ceremony is known as Valaikappu or Valaipootu in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil, Valai means Valaiyal (Bangles) and Kaapu means protection. In Karnataka, it’s known as Srimantha and in Andhra its called Seemantham, in Kerala it’s known as Puli Kudi. The Tamil baby shower ceremony is carried in all the houses when the women are pregnant. Read on to know more about the Customs and traditions followed during a baby shower ceremony and (or) the scientific reason behind the baby shower ceremony in Tamil Nadu.

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Culture significance

Usually, the baby shower ceremony takes place in the husband’s house. Throughout olden times and even now, after the ceremony, the pregnant woman goes with her husband to stay in her mother’s home.

During pregnancy time, every girl will love to stay with both her husband and her family. (The women’s mother will take extra care to look after her child and her grandchild).

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Traditions followed in baby shower ceremony

Normally the method of performing baby shower ceremony stays the same across South Indian states except for a few minor differences. Actually, in Tamil Nadu, the baby shower function is doled into Poochootal and Valaikappu.

Poochootal for the 3rd or 5th month while Valaikappu during the 7th or 9th month. But nowadays only Valaikappu is carried out. During the ceremony time, the women’s mother gives Seervarisai or gifts for her daughter. Hence, sharing gifts that her daughter asks is the traditions followed during a baby shower ceremony.

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Customs and rituals (Baby shower in Tamil)

Originally the pregnant women take bath and wear new clothes, both the husband and wife sit together for the ceremony or pooja. The elderly woman in the family or the mother in law first blesses the couple by applying Manjal and Kungumam. Later mother in law blesses them with rice and gifts. Then the couple takes blessings from her mother and mother in law.

Like this, all the women bless the couples with gifts and lastly she is fed with 9 types of food.

The 9 types of food items are Thayir Sadam, Puli Sadam, Pongal, Elubichai Sadam, Thengai Sadam, Ellu Sadam, Ullundu Sadam, Manga Sadam. Finally, she is served with arusuvai food.

The scientific reason behind the baby shower ceremony in Tamil Nadu

Normally Valaikaapu ceremony done during the 7th month of pregnancy as a fetus will remain completely developed by this time. If you see the scientific reason behind this function, to keep the women in happiness. If a woman is happy psychologically, then her baby will be born healthily.

The known information by the 24th week of pregnancy, a fetus develops ears. Hence, the baby tends to hear sounds and also start responding to the sounds. when women wear the bangles, the baby gets the ability to listen to the sounds of bangles. Traditionally people believe that it improves the infant’s hearing capacity.

Songs played for baby shower ceremony 

Typically, a baby shower in Tamil Nadu playlists consists of lyrics with “baby” in the song and consists of soft music. Here we have listed some famous played songs for the baby shower ceremony.

What do you write on a baby shower invitation in Tamil?

நீங்கள் வளைகாப்பு செய்ய தயாராகும் பொழுது அதன் பத்திரிகையில் முக்கியமான விவரங்களை எழுத மறவாதீர்கள்.

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  • தாய் மற்றும் தந்தை பெயர்.
  • வளைகாப்பு நடக்கும் நாள் மற்றும் நேரம்.
  • வளைகாப்பு நடக்கபோகும் இடாம் மற்றும்.
  • வளைகப்பை முன்னின்று நடத்துபவர் பெயர்
  • மறக்காமல் ஒரு வரி வரவேற்பு உரை எழுத மறவாதீர்கள்.

When you are preparing for a baby shower and designing the invitations, make sure that you cover all of the essential information. 

  1. Include the name of the parents
  2. Date and time of the event
  3. Location of the event and who is hosting it if it’s being entertained by someone that is not one of the parents.
  4. Don’t forget to add an interesting quote

Sweet Baby Shower Invitation Wording 

  • “Whether it is a boy or a girl, come support us shower our special child.”
  • “Our little prince/ princess one is on the way.”
  • “Let’s welcome the baby on the way”
  • “Oh, baby! There’s a little prince/ princess on the way.”
  • “Little Prince, or little princess? 
  • “Let’s party on this special day.

Types of Baby Shower Invitation in Tamil

tamil-valaikappu-seemantham-invitation-card Invitation

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Whether you will-o’-the-wisp of an angelic boy or a girl to be the apple of your eye, these songs are perfect for you! So close your fingers, sing along and have a fabulous time Mommy! Did we miss anything about the baby shower ceremony? Tell us in the comments below!