All you need to know about Mahavir Jayanthi

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Mahavir Janma Kalyanak or Mahavir Jayanti persists in the most significant religious festivals in Jainism. The festival remembers the birth of Lord Mahavira. As per Jain conviction, Lord Mahavira is the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. In 2020, Mahavir Jayanthi will be observed on the 6th of April.

History of Mahavir Jayanthi

As per Jain religious books, Lord Mahavira took birth in Kundalagrama (now Kundalpur) in Bihar, a few kilometers from Patna on the 13th day of waxing moon on the Chaitra month (Hindu calendar). At that period, Vaishali was recognized to be the metropolis of the state. Nevertheless, the year of Mahavira’s birth is contradicted. As per Swetambar Jains, Mahavira was born in 599 BC while the Digambar Jains admit 615 BC as his birth year. Lord Mahavira was called as Vardhaman by his parents King Siddhartha and Queen Trisala.

 When Mahavira reached 30, he forsook his throne and family in quest of the truth. He survived in refugee for 12 years as an anchorite. Throughout this time, he taught non-violence handled everyone with respect. He got his name “Mahavira” after exhibiting outstanding skills in dominating the senses. Consequently, it’s widely believed that Mahavira was 72, he achieved enlightenment (Nirvana).

Celebrations Of Mahavir Jayanti 

The Jain society takes part in several celebrations, which allow them to promise with relatives and friends. Lord Mahavir does recognize and worshipped on this day by Jain society. The exhibit of an idol of Lord Mahavir remains the most significant celebration of the festival. The model of Mahavir is cleaned by the people with fragranced oil. Hence, it signifies the purity of Lord Mahavir.

Followers across India and the earth will visit Jain temples in their country. Ancient spots, which stay correlated to the center of Jainism, and visited by people. Hence, one of the famous stops to visit when the celebration is Gomateshwara.

5 Religious Places To Hit While Mahavir Jayanti in India

  • Madhuban: Madhuban, sited in Jharkhand, is the most divine place for Jains.
  • Girnarji: Girnarji remains a place designated in Gujarat.
  • Gomateshwara: Gomateshwara is the most beautiful place in Karnataka to hit while this holiday.
  • Mangi Tungi: Mangi Tungi implies added notable place of worship for Jains in Maharashtra.
  • Gajpantha: The other best place to visit in Maharashtra. Hence, devotees have to climb up 460 steps to reach the beautiful temple.

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