The Aloha Festival “The celebration of Hawaii”

Aloha festival

Aloha Festivals was first held in 1946 as Aloha Week and has become a festival of Hawaiian culture. The festival embraces the traditions and cultures of the Islands by music, dance, food, and art. Hawaii is considered a very closed society where people do things together but this is a way of expanding what we are doing together to a larger extend to invite everyone as neighbors. And this comes under the name Aloha. Aloha festival helps to perpetuate the word Aloha and all of its meaning. Read on to know about the history and traditions of the Festival.

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History Behind The festival  

The Aloha Festival is started in 1946 by a group known as the JC Old Timers. They were impressed with hula and Aloha decided that why don’t we do a festival. In the festival, the most important part is the transformation of the old court to a new court. The significance of having the royal court in Aloha festivals is that it’s the only place that we can have a re-enactment if you will of what was apart of history.

 aloha festival

Aloha Festivals continues supported by the Hawaiʻi Tourism Department, corporate and individual sponsorships, and deals of Aloha Festivals ribbons and commodities.

Traditions of Aloha Festival

New court's picture
The Aloha festival San Mateo

In this festival, people start as strangers but by the end of the week or even at the end of the month people on the court become a family. Where people get united as a close-knit family and friendship which continues for years afterward. Just like the royal court, the different poll units are also out families. People looking hope for brother, sister, uncles, cousins, friends that become a knight into the family being part of a pub people get united. And a unit consists of seven: Princess, your page into attendants, three escorts and pooper scoopers. Hence you need to go in search of all there people and then they have to make a commitment.

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Traditional dance
The Aloha festival Arizona

In the parade itself, we have of course the pool units that represent all the islands and the parade consists of floral floats. You can’t have a floral without filleted without floats and marching bands. When the sun goes down it’s party time where people out there gathered together to enjoy the evening. The party holds up for the music, fun, food, and France mining.

The festival crowd
aloha festival in Tempe

Aloha festival is an event that takes place with hundreds and hundreds of volunteers to put up the event on. Hence, Waikiki Hawaii is the only place in the world where people live uniquely.

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