Festivals UK – Time to celebrate

There are countless festivals celebrated across the globe. You can find a lot of such festivals celebrated in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is not well known for its tourist spots, but also famous for its vibrant culture and ethos. The best of their traditions can be explained through an array of festivals celebrated in the United Kingdom. The festival can be related to anything from religion to harvest, from music to heritage; the UK celebrates every kind of festival with pomp and show.

Here is the list of popular festivals celebrated in the UK

1. New year in Scotland: 

In Scotland, the celebration on the last day of the year is known as Hogmanay. This is one of the most famous festivals in the UK, where along with music, carnival and games. People follow a local tradition called ‘first footing’. This celebration starts after midnight, where the person goes to his (her) neighbor or friend’s house and gives him (her) cake, cookies, whiskey, and also to wish him good luck for the new year. This celebration also involves fireball swinging and marching up to the top of Lomond hills. 

2. Jorvik Viking Festival: Rejoicing the heritage

This festival is a much-famed one celebrated in England, UK. This festival is one of its kind in the whole of Europe where locals rejoice the arrival and conquest of England by the Viking army. During the week-long celebration, one can witness and enjoy combat performances, guided walk, competitions, and grand feasts.

3. Hay festival: A cultural feast in the UK

This is one of the popular festivals. This is the annual literature festival, held in Hay-on-Wye in Wales. The festival features music shows, book fairs, book launches, and film screening; the hay festival pulls a huge number of native people and tourists for over 10 days.

4. Robin Hood festival: 

This festival is celebrated in Sherwood forest, Nottinghamshire. As the name suggests this is a delightful week-long celebration and a fun-filled of all the UK festivals. From pony and horse rides, archery, nature walks to dance and music shows and magic shows Robin Hood festival has something unique to offer for every age group.

5. Edinburgh People’s festival:

This festival is celebrated by the people and for the people. Edinburgh people’s festival is celebrated across the city, it’s a cultural feast and also provides a platform for the locals to display their talent. Marvelous exhibitions, seminars, talk shows are also held during this festival.

6. RHS harvest festival: 

This festival is the most important harvest festival in the United Kingdom organized by the royal horticultural society. One can find the freshest organic vegetables and fruits exhibited during this festival. The farmers and agricultural producers display a wide variety of annual produce and food products where people can see, taste, and buy their products.

7. Guy Fawkes Day:

This festival is celebrated across the UK. This festival is also called the “Bonfire Night” and celebrated on 5th November. The British light bonfires as well as fireworks, mostly in their back gardens and streets. Streets are decorated with lights. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the event where catholic Guy Fawkes’ had failed to blow up the protestant Houses of Parliament on the 5th of November in 1605.

The other famous festivals of the UK include the Aldeburgh festival, Glastonbury festival Greenfield festival, and many more.

Bottom Line 

Festivals in the United Kingdom include people’s participation. People here celebrate every event as a festival and enjoy those festivals along with music, dance, parades, good food, and drinks. They make every moment of the festival a memorable one.