Frozen Dead Guy Days festival: A Dead Man’s Party

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Frozen Dead Guy festival

The story goes, Grandpa Bredo Morstoel was a minor public official in Norway. But he died in 1989 pushed through the grease his eccentric grandson Trygve Bauge. Trygve Bauge cryonically-preserved his grandfather’s body and moved to Neverland to build a cryonics lab of his own here until he got deported. And that’s where Brad Wickham comes in the latest iceman delivers 900 pounds of dry ice every two weeks to grandpa’s frozen sarcophagus.

Grandpa’s frozen sarcophagus was basically a thin metal casket and keeping it under -100 degree isn’t cheap. Hence, Trygve Bauge pays $9000 a year to keep his grandpa’s frozen sarcophagus. 

Frozen Dead Guy Days
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Next to the tuFF shed, we can explore an abandoned cryonics lab we can see boxes filled with notes worthy of a bad scientist. More specifically, Grandpa remains frozen in a state of delayed animation, expecting the big thaw. Trig believes that one that will bring his grandpa back to life.

There is a big story following this, one that extends from Norway to California to Colorado, including cryonics, exile, psychics, festivals, and a consecrated Ice Man. It’s a tale that has captivated worldwide notice and sparked a must-attend yearly event named Frozen Dead Guy Days.

Whence did all of this begin… and more importantly (particularly for Grandpa Bredo), how long will it last?

Yea You Are Right! It’s a Dead Man’s Party

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 For a city like Nederland that rises on the colorful, the unique, and mysterious. Frozen Dead Guy Days is a suitable way to end the short days of wintertime and start into the liquefying snows of springtime. Trygve Bauge terms it “Cryonics’ first Mardi Gras.”

The town finds a new burst of life with the celebrating inventive contests, icy events (including coffin sailing, polar plunging, cooled salmon tossing) primarily if it stays fun and can perform in the cold, it works! People come from throughout the world every March to encounter the legacy of Grandpa Bredo. Consequently, even diplomats of cryonics companies who want to share the science behind this unique story. Hence, do go there and be part of this tradition ‘ Frozen Dead Guy festival ‘

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