Know about the Great Maine Lobster Festival

The Maine Lobster Festival the celebration of fun and feasting on the shoreline of Maine. Maine Lobster Festival consists of 5km and 10km road race, sea Godness Coronation, arts and craft vendors, live entertainment. Therefore, people serve delicious lobsters and other food items which makes the festival more special.

History of Maine Lobster Festival

Can you even dream of a festival with all the lobsters you can eat for 75 Rupees ($1) and also enjoy the celebration with the ball game, door prizes and night party? All you need to know about some history of the famous Maine Lobster Festival.

Maine Lobster Festival started in March of 1947 at a gathering of a group of citizens. Where a controversy started since over what could be done about recovering the summertime activities that Camden had ere the war years. Finally, they decided to name it as the Maine Lobster Festival and have a different type of marine carnival. So, that’s how the event became an international anniversary gathering from it’s beginning.

When and where the festival is happening?

Every year around the first weekend of August, the Festival attracts a higher of 70,000 people to Harbor Park in Rockland. In its 73 years, the carnival has turned into a draw for travelers to Rockland, a city of about 7,000 people.

To get all this lobster out to festival-goers, the festival owns the world’s most comprehensive lobster cooker, a reputation acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records, according to Powell. Working at the highest capacity, the lobster cooker can prepare about 725.7478 kilograms (1,600 pounds) of lobster at a time.

All you need to know about the 3 main events happening in the Festival 

The celebration wouldn’t happen each year without the main events in it. Let’s have a look at the main events that make the celebration more special. 

The Maine Lobster Festival Seafood Cooking Contest

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Each year, amateur cook’s battle in the annual festival Seafood Cooking Contest. The contest draws visitors and participants from all over the world, as well as print and newscast media channels.

Amateur Cook’s age should be above 18 and compete for $525 in reward money during this famous event.

Arts and Crafts

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In the Fine Art Tent, you will enjoy the unbelievable artwork of numerous local experts, including oil paints, watercolors, photography and more. And the Craft Tent is packed with local Maine crafters presenting their treasures of extraordinary Maine craftsmanship.

The Great International Lobster Crate Race

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The “Great International Lobster Crate Race” is free to anyone strong enough to risk falling into the chilly ocean. The race is about Taking the challenge of running across a chain of floating wood lobster crates.  

The fee is 836.19 Indian rupees ($11) for participants above 12 years and 456.11 Indian rupees ($6) for children 11 and younger. The fee covers entry to the grounds.

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