A guide about the Kutztown Folk Festival 2020

What is Kutztown Folk Festival?

Kutztown folk festival is one of the oldest festivals in the USA. This 9-day event that attracts lacs visitors from around the world has a lot of entertaining aspects. This festival also provides valuable insight into the traditions of the Pennsylvanians and the astonishing way of life. This folk festival offers the most enriching experience to the visitors. The festival also includes several fun-filled activities that people from all age groups can enjoy. This festival has been celebrated from generation to generation since the summer of the 1950s.  

When is Kutztown Folk Festival 2020: June 27th till July 5 2020

Time: 9.00 am till 6.00 pm

kutztown festival drinks stand

Events organized during the Festival

Some of the events that are organized during the Kutztown Folk festival include Folks fare, a wide range of children`s activities and some of the best Dutch food. This ensures the whole family takes part in all the activities as well as enjoy them.  

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a) Children activities: 

Some of the children’s activities include do it yourself murals, fun rides, hey mazers, magic shows and a separate stage for children to perform.

b) A sneak peek into the Folk’s life of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Authentic folklife demonstrations are enacted by over 200 nationally recognized Folk artists. Even the local citizens enact this play. The citizens who are included perform the folks fair are not actors but the native of Pennsylvania. These local performers include aw-shucks folks in their costume with red suspenders and they are quite talented. They also use state of art micro-phones and speakers that belies their appearance. The leader of the folk fair introduces every song with subtle humor.  

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c) The famous Quilt Show:

The Quilt show exhibits a wide range with dazzling colors and designs of quilts in the quilt barn. This is the largest display of quilt in the country where you can find authentic high-quality handmade Pennsylvania dutch coverings. This show draws thousands of visitors each year. The quilt show also attracts bidders and buyers from all over the world. Owning one of a kind, prized, higher loom quilts; They display these designs proudly in their homes. 

They pass on this from one generation to another as they considered quilts as their proud possession. People will also gift these quilts to their relatives and friends. This quilting was popular among women in the olden days because it gave them time to spend with their friends and to catch up on news and gossip as well.

d) The typical composition of a handmade quilt.

The fabric that they choose is of solid colors. Also, the characteristic symbols on the quilt include tulips, roses, hearts, peacocks and feathered scrolls. The excellent quality of the quilt showcases the craftsmanship of those persons who have created these masterpieces. Thus, this is truly an art show in itself and one of the most eagerly awaited attractions of the festival.

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e) Scrumptious Food:

You can find several Pennsylvania Dutch delicacies in the folk town festival. Eat your heart out is the mantra of this food festival. The Pennsylvanian Dutch food tradition is to eat scrumptious plentiful and tasty delicacies. So, you can find a wide range of items starting from snacks to lunches to dinner. In the venue, you can find two restaurants that serve full course Pennsylvanian Dutch meals. You can also indulge in a variety of homemade soups and sandwiches. 

The festival favorites include sausage, pot pipe, corn fritters, funnel cakes, Shoo flay pie, and apple dumplings. 

You can get freshly baked bread from the oven as well as get your hands on in this tantalizing baking process. 

People also buy fresh slices of bread from these ovens for their families.  

Notably, this Kutztown folk festival was placed in the third position in a competition among 20 nationwide cultural festivals.

To summarize, this amazing festival is truly a travel-worthy and a fascinating one. It offers a chance to broaden horizons and connects people around the world. The longevity of this festival depicts its popularity too. So, come to Kutztown Pennsylvania Dutch Folk festival and have lots of fun.

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