Experience the McIntosh Apple Day festival: A heaven for Apple lovers

There is a wide variety of traditions and cultures present on our Earth. People from different parts of the globe have different kinds of festival which follow ancient traditions. In-addition, few are newly developed solely for entertainment and togetherness. Some festivals celebrated across the USA like summer meltdown festival, Aloha festival, Maine lobster festival, Eat Drink SF, McIntosh Apple day, and many more which come from a culinary, cultural, and musical background.  

MCIntosh Apple Day festival

What is McIntosh Apple Day?

McIntosh Apple Day, a food festival celebrated in the USA and heaven for apple lovers. Divided into 2 parts, McIntosh Apple Day happens during the morning and Liquid Apple night happens in the evening of the same day. During the Apple day, many apple-based goodies are sold. At the evening event, Cider manufacturers from the neighbouring towns and cities present their company’s Cider. Thus, McIntosh Apple day is a food-themed fest that revolves around the Apple fruit and delicacies which can be made using it. So, all apple lovers enjoy this day immensely and taste unique and tasty apple-based dishes.

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When and where McIntosh Apple Day celebrated?

McIntosh Apple Day; celebrated in the USA, apple-themed event held at the Ravalli County Museum.

Address: 205 Bedford Street, Hamilton, MT 59840, United States

The McIntosh Apple Day – held on the first Saturday which comes in the month of October. McIntosh Apple Day is celebrated from 9 am to 3 pm. In the evening, a similar festival known as Liquid Apple Night happens between 5 pm to 9 pm.

What happens during McIntosh Apple Day?

The 2 parts of McIntosh Apple day:

McIntosh Apple Day

This festival happens on the first Saturday of October; Also, crowned as the biggest bake sale festival.

This fest includes almost 180 local people and vendors selling baked goodies made from scratch having the key as the apple. Hundreds of baked goodies and other apple delicacies are sold in this market. Some of the unique and mouth-watering dishes sold include beef steak kebabs, BBQ pork with apple sauce, diced apples with caramel sauce, apple pies, apple butter, and many more other apple goodies. Also, a person not only indulges in apple-based food but also get entertained at the fest. Events that take place during the apple fest include live music, silent auction, mega raffle, live music, and children’s activities. People who love apples enjoy this festival immensely. The audience from neighboring towns and cities head to this museum to enjoy the apple day. People also head to the museum to try unique dishes and spend the day with fun-filled activities.   

Liquid Night Apple:

This fest is held on the eve of the McIntosh Apple Day festival. During the Liquid night apple fest, numerous Cider manufacturers from the near-by towns and cities head to this place to make people taste their own crafted Cider. And of course, people can taste different types of apple cider here and enjoy live music and taste local food.

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Bottom line

If you stay in and around Hamilton or are visiting nearby places during October, make sure to head to the McIntosh Apple day festival. Thus, one of a kind festival, offering a huge variety of apple-based and baked goodies. Thus one of the best food-themed festivals which offers delectable food along with entertainment.