Best Music Festivals in the UK

Music is considered as the common language understood by all human beings. All people love music and automatically find a sense of happiness after listening to good music or favorite songs. Music tends to help people in any situation or mood. Like people listen to music when they are happy, people play music in a positive and fun environment (like marriages, parties, and clubs), people listen to songs when they are sad or depressed. So, music acts as a companion and helps us to enjoy or enhance the mood. Here, the list of music festivals in the UK one would enjoy.

Music lovers prefer music festivals and enjoy it to the fullest. The live music performances mark for a memorable night. Check out the following list of music festivals if you are a music enthusiast.

uk music festival
UK music festival

Most happening Music festivals in the UK:

Glastonbury Festival:

Glastonbury is a music festival loved by most people. It is one of the most popular and favorite music festivals and never fails to impress the thousands of people who come to check out this festival. The music festival majorly focuses on electronic music. Apart from music, the place also hosts comedians, magicians, acrobats, and feels no less than a mesmerizing carnival. Head to this festival for good music and a fun-filled evening.

Boardmasters festival:

This is an apt festival for folk and pop music lovers. With impressive dance performances, dangerous skateboards stunts, and happening music, this festival will surely give you a happy and happening weekend vibe. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the weekend to the fullest and click some awesome pictures to flaunt on your social networking sites!

NASS festival:

Nass is one of the biggest and largest music festivals happening in the UK. People around the UK and globe visit this festival as it offers a chance to experience different kinds of music, art, and sports all under one roof. Some of the main genres of music played at this event include drums, hip-hop, bass, grime, and many more. So, music lovers, what are you waiting for? Head to this 4-day music celebration festival and get lost in the world of music.

4. Kendal Calling:

This is a great music festival if you want to have a small family getaway or want to enjoy the day with friends. Enjoy a wide variety of music like rock, dance music, indie, and many more. Along with music, also get a chance to see some amazing dance performances and feast your taste buds to some delectable cuisines. The festival also houses a market and cinema, so that the visitors can have an entertaining time. 

5. South West Four:

South West Four, a festival dedicated entirely to EDM lovers. One can find himself (or herself) amidst thousands of people rocking to this music. This music festival plays four stages of the house which include minimal, trance, techno, and electronica. This place is a complete bliss for all music lovers and offers high-quality performances by leading EDM artists. Head here if you are a music enthusiast!

Bottom Line

These were some of the best music festivals happening across the UK. If you are a music lover or are passionate about music, make sure to head to any one of these festivals and enjoy the evening. Good music will definitely help in boosting the mood and pushing away any sadness. So, never miss out on an opportunity to have fun and groove to the music!