Bhogi – The first day of Pongal

Bhogi 2020 is on January 14, Tuesday. In some states in southern India, the first day of the (four-day) Pongal festival is known and celebrated as Bhogi. The time corresponds to the final day of the Tamil (calendar) month Margazhi, and according to the Greek calendar, it is usually on 13th January and can also land on 14th January. The celebration of Boghi widely happens in all over in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.

Tradition of Bhogi

At the start, people often light a campfire with woods, old wooden fittings, and other waste items that remain unused for a long time. People follow this tradition to mark the hopeful change in the season and provide a good climate healthy harvest; Also considered as a day of purification and cleansing. In the process, used clothes and other leftover items are thrown away, signifying the beginning of new life. 

Bhogi fire during the Pongal festivities

Hence, the purpose is to clear up used items ( that has a negative impact), focused on progressive change and (or) transformation for one’s betterment. Therefore, it is not just about clearing old items, it also signifies that one must remove all negative thoughts out of their system. People clean and whitewash their house on this day and beautify with marigold flowers decorations, mango leaves, and new pieces of furniture. Finally, floral designs called ‘kolam’ (with new cropped rice flour powder) is made by women of the house and complete the decoration process.

Notably, this holiday continues with activities such as rangoli and rural sports such as kite flying, Jallikattu and other competitions. In agricultural areas, Bhogi stays closely connected with the harvest. Indra, the god of rain, is glorified and people seek his blessings for a prosperous harvest, success, and peace.

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The spiritual significance of Bhogi

Bhogi, the day dedicated to Lord Indra—the God of rain, clouds and Thunder. Farmers worship Indra to seek his blessings for a good harvest that would bring them wealth and prosperity. Few people refer this day as the day of Indran.

Other names for the first day of Pongal

  • Bhogi Pandigai
  • Lohri in Punjab and other parts of North India
  • Maghi Bihu or Bhogali Bihu in Assam

Famous Pongal Recipes

Food brings together happiness, good health, blessings, and prosperity. Make your Pongal much traditional by cooking the foods that have ancient roots to the Pongal festival. Interested in learning how to make a whole lot of traditional Pongal recipes to fill your tummies? We got you! Here are some pure recipes, taken straight from the old grandmother’s cookbooks. Click the link given below and enjoy the best feeling of Traditional Pongal by cooking your favourite recipe.

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Smokeless Bhogi

The idea of smokeless Bhogi is picking up momentum in the city with many people prefer not to burn waste; The waste that would end up adding pollutant to the atmosphere on the day of Pongal. The solution for smokeless Bhogi is to share old clothes and unused items with the needy, which would bring joy to them and their families; Additionally, burn negative thoughts and acts of revenge for the betterment of one’s life. Thus decreasing the toxic smoke mixing in the air, preventing air pollution and also have better peace of mind in the process.

Bhogi wishes

All you need to know about Bhogi wishes to be shared with friends and family. To know more about Bhogi’s wishes and traditions follow Event Fashion.

  • ‘पोंगल आणि भोगी उत्सवाच्या शुभ दिवशी तुम्हाला देव जीवनातल्या सर्व सुख-समृद्धी देवो. आपले भविष्य आमच्यासाठी चमकत असलेल्या सूर्यासारखे तेजस्वी होवो. तुमच्या सर्व शुभेच्छा व स्वप्ने सत्यात येवोत. ‘
  • नवीन आशेच्या भविष्यकाळात फ्लेम उर पास्ट, सर्व चाख्यांसह कानुमा आनंद घ्या. हॅप्पी पोंगल.इन्जॉय
  • मकर, त्या आनंदी बोन फायरच्या शुभेच्छा
  • ‘संक्रांती, लोहारी, पोंगल आणि भोगी या आनंदमय प्रसंगी मी तुम्हाला समृद्धी, शांती आणि आनंद मिळावी अशी मी शुभेच्छा देतो.’
  • काणिवाड होण्याचे स्वप्न पाहत आहे
  • ‘तुम्हाला आणि तुमच्या परिवाराला शुभेच्छा संक्रांती, पोंगल आणि भोगी. सर्वशक्तिमान तुम्हा सर्वांना आरोग्य, संपत्ती आणि समृद्धीची प्रार्थना करो ‘
  • ‘भूगी’ मध्ये आपला भूतकाळ पेटवा. ‘शंकरंती’ सह नवीन होप्स आणि आनंदांना आमंत्रित करा
  • भोगी सत भगम शुभेच्छा भोगी