The Devi of weapons – Ayudha Poojai

Ayudha Poojai an integral part of the Navaratri, a Hindu festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu for 10 days. The festival falls on the ninth day of the Navaratri festival, people offer pooja and prayers to the weapons and tools in the house. Hence, according to Tamil mythology, Goddess Chamundeshwari killed the demon king Mahishasura with her weapons. Thus, celebrations and prayers are offered to the Goddess and her weapons; thus The Devi of weapons – Ayudha Poojai.

ayudha poojai
An Auto riskshaw (or) Tuk Tuk decorated

what happens in Ayudha poojai ?

People offer pooja to all weapons and tools in their home and office; they wash all the vehicles and decorate it using turmeric paste, sandalwood paste, Kungumam (or) Kumkum and flowers. This also involves breaking of a coconut, offering aarathi to the vehicles. And concluded by sweets and food with friends, relatives after pooja.

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Customs and traditions

On this day, the very first thing to do is to clean all the tools that help us with daily chores. Cleaning tools also include car and bikes we have at home, home appliances, tools we use for work. After the cleaning work, apply sandalwood paste and Kungumam (or) kumkum. On the eve of Auydha pooja, we take Goddess Saraswathi’s picture (or) Idol and decorate with flowers and petals. Then, we keep books, documents, important tools in front of the Goddess picture (or) idol for worship.

Auydha pooja usually falls in the month of September and October. Therefore, we can see a huge sale of different kinds of flowers, ornamental papers, thoranam in all shops. Tamil festival also includes many recipes to be cooked for the day. Let’s have a look at Ayudha poojai special recipes.

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Ayudha poojai special recipes

On Ayudha poojai, people make 5 varieties of rice; like Lemon rice, Tamarind rice, Coconut rice, Curd rice and sweet pongal along with sundal and vada. Since Ayudha pooja falls on Purattasi month people don’t cook non-vegetarian. South Indian Ayudha Pooja recipes mainly contain Medu Vada, Chole Sundal and Semiya Payasam.

Therefore, Ayudha poojai followed by Vijayadashami brings the Navaratri festival to end for the season.

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