How to wear your saree in 3 different styles

We know you love sarees! This post covers not just important pointers on how to wear saree but also talks about different saree wearing styles that you’d love to try out! We start right from how to tie 3 different styles of saree! Read this post and fall in love with the saree all over again!

How to drape a perfect Marathi Style Saree

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Need to know how our people in Maharashtra style the saree in India? Here Marathi style saree is also known as the Nauvari saree drape. Among regional dresses, this saree highlights a women’s beauty.

These are a few steps you should follow to wear a perfect Marathi Style Saree:

  • Take throughout the one-meter fabric in your hand and loop it around your back, while the rest of the length lies on your right. The bordered edges of the fabric are to be tied securely at the waist.
  • Assemble your pallu and bring it over to the front from the back, and fix it over the left side of your shoulder, like for any normal style. In the next step, we’ll look out of the loose length that must be out of the way.
  • Start pleating with the loose fabric! Make 4-inch pleats. Settle in on around 8 to 9 pleats. Tuck these in at the navel.
  • Thee pleats now need to be taken from between the legs to be tucked in at the back. There’ll be a double borderline at the back.
  • The last step is to drape the pallu elegantly. Take it from the rear to hide the shoulder then it’s to be strategically tucked in at the waist on the left side.

How to drape a perfect Gujarati Style Saree

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Have you ever seen Gujarati saree draping techniques? If you’re conversant in bright colors and got an embroidery, you’d know plenty about Gujarati sarees also.

Read on to understand the way to style the Gujarati saree:

  • Tuck the top of the saree at the proper side of the waist and from there, take the loose length of the material around the waist to the rear side. Finally, you need to tuck it in fully.
  • Tuck on the left and therefore the remaining fabric should be taken around and delivered to the front.
  • Take the pallu and make pleats. The pallu should flow from back to front. That is the Gujarati style. Secure the blouse with pins on it.
  • Remove the tuck and make box pleats. These pleats need to be tucked firmly at the waist. Pin it using a safety pin.
  • You can turn your attention to the pallu. Take one of the pleats and drape it over the bust so that the entire area is covered. Keep the fabric tightly stretched and secure it with pins.

How to wear saree in South Indian style

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Your Kanjeevarams will not look good stowed away in your wardrobe. Wear sarees in wonderful south Indian style by observing these basic steps:

  • A 6-yard saree will do for this style. Take 1 meter of the fabric, take it around your frame rest and tie a knot at the center at your waist.
  • Grab a shorter length of fabric and make pleats. Take it between the legs and tuck only one edge of the pleats at the back. The rest of the width should be taken to the left side, and therefore the last pleat should be tucked at the front.
  • The saree at the front should be bunched again and brought at the rear, between the legs. The border edge at the rear might be tucked in and therefore the remainder of it should be delivered to the front.
  • Drape pallu over the left shoulder and drape it across the front from the proper in order that it might be tucked at the waist. The borders on the proper and left side of the saree should be at an equivalent length. And you’re done!

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