Know About the Different Types of Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are essentially liable for creating and producing new clothing, footwear, and/or accessories according to the trend. Fashion designer duties may include managing teams of designers or other team members to make their designs a reality and then marketing their designs for retail or other markets. Vogue designers observe the fashion trends to prophesy patterns for customers and choose new themes for designs and collections. You all many have this question in your mind how many types of fashion stylists are there? Let’s have look at the different types of fashion designers and their duties.

Types of fashion designers

 The types of fashion designers mainly depend on how you classify the work. They hold to the basics of fashion, there exist three main kinds of fashion designers: footwear, attire (which includes costumes), and accessories. Let’s have a detail look at the different types of fashion designers and their duties.

Apparel Designers

Types of Fashion Designers

Apparel designers focus their energy on creating styles for each a part of the world’s population – from main street workers to starlets in Hollywood. Costume stylist and mass-market specialists work within the title of “apparel designer”. When it involves the apparel category, three sorts of fashion designers exist high fashion(Haute couture), prêt-a-porter(Ready-to-wear), and mass market.

Haute Couture Fashion Designer

Types of Fashion Designers

Haute couture or, “high sewing” signifies a constitutionally protected term that can only be utilised by trademarks approved by the French Ministry of Industry. Therefore, these custom-made garments, designed entirely by hand by the industry’s most skilled artisans and craftsman, serve the best quality fashion money can buy.

Prêt-a-Porter Fashion Designer

Types of Fashion Designers

Firstly, Prêt-à-Porter is also known as Ready-to-wear and it comes with the mark of a famous stylist or the sign of a famous brand on them. Ready-to-wear is garments that are truly “ready to wear”. In other words, you can see them in a shop, purchase them, and you are then ready to wear them. They are off the rack, high quality, garments that are NOT made to measure. It means designed for people with financial resources than the elite, but much more productive, with enormous ambition soliciting to demonstrate their prestige.

Mass Market Fashion Designer

Mass market fashion designers continue designing new styles for the global population. Their designed attire will last mass-produced and traded on the open market. They design clothes and accessories that will sell swiftly plus make space for new designs.

Footwear Designers

The footwear design industry is an exciting, highly creative, and demanding and also a highly competitive industry. These designers stay specialized in creating footwear accordingly to the trend by using their knowledge of various fashion trends, different design techniques. Within the footwear fashion designers, there are many other types: 

  • Athletic footwear 
  • Formal footwear

Consequently, this can be classified the same way as the different types of apparel designers.

Accessory Designers

An accessory designer is a type of fashion stylist who plans the aesthetics and functionality of various accessories. Like other fashion designers in the fashion industry, a fashion accessory designer must be very conscious about fashion trends. Fashion is not only about attire and apparel designing. Over time fashion industry designers have developed to design accessories like bags, belts and, jewellery. Hence, it resulted in the extension of a specific sub-domain of the fashion industry to design different accessories. 

Duties of Fashion Designer

The main duties of fashion designers to Invent new concepts and create unique designs by hand or on the computer. Also, emerging new patterns and managing the production of new designs and researching about the new trends in fabrics, colours and shapes in the market

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