Quotes on Traditional Wear: Full list

Are you looking for a sassy traditional quote for your upcoming Instagram post? Whether you are wearing a kurta or a traditional lehenga or a saree, a perfect quote with your picture will make the next Instagram post a complete one. Event Fashion brings out the quotes on traditional wear for you. 

Traditional wear Quotes For Women

Quotes For Women
  • Latest fashion trends take effort. But an Indian woman always carries the traditional clothing effortlessly.
  • Indian festivals are the days we forget all negatives and appreciate the incredible traditional clothing we get to wear!
  • The simplest Indian outfits never diminishes in style. They’re elegant and classy; Also can make an Indian girl look more glam than any western dress.
  • An Indian girl don’t need a 10 lakh rupee couture gown. She just needs her ethnic attire to look elegant.
  • Wearing traditional clothes doesn’t mean you’re quaint, it just means you’re bold enough to challenge trends.
  • No matter what percentage shorts or strapless minis an Indian girl wears, at heart, she’ll always be the cute desi girl in an Anarkali!
  • Wearing traditional clothes may be a way of letting the planet know who I’m without having to mention it.
  • Indian clothing is about promoting and carrying centuries’ worth of traditions and Identity. ‘Cuz it’s not tradition if it’s new.
  • Traditional fashion doesn’t mean to wash off like ashes in a bonfire. But to make the flame stay and burn brighter – our culture alive!
  • Indian clothing is usually the simplest of what I’d wear!
  • A girl who is into Indian fashion will never say she has nothing to wear!; Anarkalis, sarees, lehengas, shararas – Indian attires are sort of a fashion rainbow, you’ll never run out of options.

Traditional wear Quotes For Instagram

Quotes For Instagram
  • “Why buy things we don’t need. We don’t have to impress people we don’t like” 
  • Life ends one second at a time. Wear a lehenga, it may slow time down for the awestruck onlookers.
  • “Things you own find yourself owning you’ but not your traditional wear
  • How much are you going to realize your beauty if you’ve never worn a traditional wear!
  • When unsure, wear an Indian outfit!
  • Let the Indian-ness show! Life is just too short to blend in.
  • The joy of dressing – wear an Indian dress!
  • Leaving a touch of sparkle wherever I’m going. Literally!
  • Shine is my favourite colour.

Traditional Wear Quotes For Men

Traditional Wear Quotes For Men
  • Presenting your royal highness.
  •  Greek gods called. They’re posing for their attractiveness back!
  •  Getting my sherwani money’s worth with this pic.
  •  Bollywood hero vibes.
  •  Girls, please send your proposals within the comments. Thank you!
  •  Go bold or head home.
  •  many thanks to the various girls who asked me out today (not shown within the picture), but I’m enjoying being single for now.
  •  I’m wondering what I spent 20 grand for this sherwani that I’ll wear just one occasion or this picture you’ll stare at every day! Please like so I buy my money’s worth!
  •  I’ll not be the right boyfriend, but a minimum of I look bomb during a sherwani.
  •  Now I do know why we got suits from British but they never got sherwanis and kurtas from us… It’s because it takes an Indian to tug ’em off!
  •  Keeping our Indian traditions alive. One kurta at a time!

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