Tamil wedding invitation

Event Fashion: A wedding is a special event in the life of every individual. Invitations are one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding.
The invitation gives the guests all the information they need to know about the wedding schedule. To begin with, let’s see how the Tamil wedding invitation is salient.

What is a Tamil wedding invitation?

A wedding invitation is an invite given to the guests, inviting them as a whole family to come and bless the couples on their big wedding day. An invitation is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding. It carries the couple name who is getting married, date and place of the ceremony. Some guests find out about the wedding only after receiving the card. For some, the invitation serves as a reminder.

why invitations are important?

The invitation is not just a notice (or) reminder for your wedding day. It is also to make your guests understand that they are important and that you would like to get their blessings on your wedding day. One of the most important reasons for having the invitation is to include all of the proper information for your guests. And at the same time, invitations make them prepare for your wedding.

invitation-card-type sample
Sample wedding invitation

What To Include In A Wedding Invitation?

The wedding invitation is the primary card and it tells your guests,

  • Name of the bride and groom
  • when and where the wedding
  • Where is the exact location and time
  • Reception time and place

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Types of invitations for wedding

There different formats of invitations flat, folded, postcard, magnetic and coaster. Hence, you can customize your design based on your needs.

Hindu wedding invitation 

Hindu wedding invitations hold a great amount of traditional and cultural value. Religious verses taken right from Hindu religious scriptures are also added to the cards. The first invitation taken to family deity and prayed. Later, the parents of the bride and groom exchange wedding cards. Then, the invitation is given to all family members and friends.

Elements in Hindu Wedding Invitation 

The Hindu wedding cards are the ethnic cards, having a unique pattern, texture and grains. In Hindu culture, the wedding invites are first marked with Manjal (haldi) and then circulated to the guests. Turmeric (Haldi) symbolizes purity, happiness and auspicious beginning of a sacred ceremony. It has medicinal powers and spiritual uses. Hence, the yellow color of turmeric is the sign of holiness in Hindu marriage.

Muslim wedding invitation

Muslim wedding invitation cards play a significant role in wedding ceremonies. Wedding cards will have verses from Quran inscribed on them to give them a spiritual appeal.  A Muslim wedding has two invitations. These are the Nikah and the Walima. The Nikah invitation comes from the side of the bride while Walima comes from the side of the groom. Also, the First invitation shared with the groom and bride’s family.

Elements in Muslim Wedding Invitation 

Muslim families give special attention to the wedding invitation cards. So the wedding cards designed to look unique. And materials used include fabrics like silk, velvet, satin and metallic thread works which makes the invitation to look special. Hence, they make use of artificial stones, colorful ribbons, strings and glittering bindis to decorate Muslim wedding invitations. After this, the invitation is shared with family and friends.

Christian wedding invitation

Christian weddings are a combination of minimalism and elegance. Wedding invitation includes Bible verses on the top of the invitation as a religious aspect as a way to share their faith with their friends and families. The wedding goes with a white theme which symbolizes peace and prosperity. In Christianity, the first invitation is for the church. Then, the invitation is shared with family and friends. Therefore, no requirement for other elements added to the invitation. Since it is followed in the traditional way.