All you need to know about Wedding Garlands

When you think of Indian weddings, the first thing that you will notice are the exchange of garlands. Garland exchange is one of the oldest and simplest of traditions that are followed in a Hindu wedding ceremony. Although the timing of the exchange may vary, it constitutes as the integral part of all Indian Hindu weddings. Hence, for Indian weddings, garlands are a necessary entity. This ceremony signifies the couple’s trust for each other and their promise to accept one another.

A ritual that has been followed since Vedic times; Exchanging Garlands. There is such a great variety of designs for wedding garland available in the market these days. It is also recommended to choose the design that best fits the bride’s attire as it plays a significant role and gets a lot of attention as well. Also, most of your first wedding pictures as a couple are clicked with these garlands.

Wedding garlands using rose petals

Rose Petal Garland makes your wedding adorned and gives you a perfect wedding look.  The Rose Petal Garland is created using freshly plucked red roses, which are regularly used in weddings by bride and groom to get a rich look.  Garlands made using rose petals are considered as religious symbols to honour gods or while propitious celebrations. Wedding garlands rose petals remains very light in weight and model for a grandiose wedding.

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Tips for ideal Wedding Garlands

  • Make sure the wedding garland is not very heavy. You have to wear them on for hours!
  • Also, it should not be too broad or else it might overshadow the bride’s jewelry.
  • You can use flowers like marigolds, roses and gerbera daisies that are of popular choices.
  • Ensure that the garlands are made of new flowers; Also, should be of quality and must look new for a couple of hours at least
  • You can add tassels by stringing small ornaments or flowers along shorter lengths of string and tying them onto your garland.
  • It is ideal to pick a garland that highlights the dress as well as the jewelry.
  • Ensure the flowers are not allergic to the couples.
  • The garland should be up to your waist or longer.
  • Try to limit the use of unnatural beads or phony flowers. Real flowers are always graceful.
  • Choose carnations in tones that will agree with an Indian wedding. Red, yellow, gold and green are recognized as favorable choices for a festive moment.
  • If it’s a themed marriage make sure the garlands combine well with the theme.
  • Keep the weather situations in mind ere selecting the garlands. Roses and marigolds are the best mattocks for summer weddings.

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