Hindu Kashmiri Wedding: An Elaborate guide

Kashmiri wedding

A wedding is an auspicious time for the bride, groom, and their families. Different cultures have different kinds of marriages, according to their tradition and culture. But the similarity between all weddings includes happiness, fun, joy, dance, and music. Let us take a look at some of the traditions and rituals that go into a Kashmiri wedding.

 Rituals and traditions that make a Kashmiri wedding complete:

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 Like any other Indian wedding, Kashmiri wedding is filled with numerous customs and traditions which have their roots run deep down into history. Various small rituals and functions are conducted before, after, and during the wedding. Here is an entire map of the Kashmiri wedding.

 Pre-wedding customs:

 The first pre-wedding ritual is the engagement where both the families meet and exchange flowers, denoting happiness. This ritual is called Kasamdry. The next ceremony that follows is known as Livun. In this, both the families of the bride and groom make a mixture using cow dung, mud, and water and clean their houses using this mixture. All married women of the household take place in this ceremony.

 After Livun, the evening is filled with music ceremonies called wanwun. A few days before the wedding, the Maenziraat ritual takes place, which is basically a Mehendi ceremony. The next ritual that follows is the Devgon. In this ceremony, both the bride and groom keep fasting and mark an end to the Brahmacharya time. After Dengon, the Kanisharan function is conducted in which both the bride and groom are showered with a mixture of flowers, milk, rice, curd, and water. After the bath, they are given new traditional clothes.

 The wedding comprises of three parts:

 1. Baraat: The family of the groom comes to the wedding venue and receive a warm and grand welcome from the bride’s side.

 2. Lagan: The bride and groom take seven pheras (rounds) around the holy fire. After the pheras, they feed each other rice.

 3. Vidaai: In this ceremony, the bride bids goodbye to her family.

 The post- Kashmiri wedding traditions include:

 1. Satraat: The newly married couple visit the bride’s home in the evening, along with a few children and receive gifts and new clothes. The next time the couple visits the bride’s house, they are again showered with gifts, and this ceremony is called Phirlath.

 2. Roth Khabar: On an auspicious Saturday or Tuesday, the bride’s family sends a cake. The bride receives the cake and goes back to her family for a few days.

 3. Ghar Atchum: The bride’s family conducts a reception and sends the bride back with her husband.

 Traditional clothes do use during the wedding: 

Like any other Indian bride, Kashmiri brides also love to dress in deep or bright red colored lehenga. Red lehenga choli with extensive stone and mirror work paired with yellow ornaments makes a Kashmiri bride look gorgeous. Apart from lehenga, Pheran (a Kashmiri traditional outfit), which a loose salwar, also worn during the wedding ceremony. Pheran is intricately designed with zari work and paired up with silver ornaments. Hence, it is often paired with a well designed Kashmiri shawl. For the groom, the outfit may include kurta or Pheran.

A taste of their cuisine:

Kashmiri wedding menu comprises of numerous delicious dishes. The spread is rich, healthy, and mouthwatering. Some main ingredients which are vastly used in the wedding include dry fruits, yogurt, milk, lotus stems and roots, and lamb. The elaborate wedding feast consists of around 36 courses. More than 50% of the dishes made using meat. Ingredients like chicken, onion, garlic, egg, etc. are seldom used in the wedding cuisine. A few meat dishes do cook on a low flame for more than 12 hours to give a juicy texture and enhance the flavors.

 Some of the major items served at a Kashmiri wedding include Dum aloo, Yaknee, Rogan Josh, a wide range of kebabs, malai kofta, Kashmiri Nan (a type of bread), pasanda, Sag, Kahwa, etc.

 A Kashmiri wedding cuisine will awaken your taste buds and give you a flavorful ride.

 In a nutshell

 This was a complete guide on the Hindu Kashmiri wedding. Starting from pre-wedding rituals, weddings, food, clothing, to post-wedding rituals, the Kashmiri wedding never failed to mesmerize us. The rich heritage and culture get displayed on their wedding, which treats to the eyes. Their colorful and fun rituals with beautiful ethnic dresses lit up the place. The delectable cuisine and traditional dishes remain loved by all. The wedding feast signifies definitely fit for a king! Consequently, next time you attend a Kashmiri wedding, make sure to enjoy all the rituals and food. 

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