Indian Wedding Games which Make the Wedding Fun!

Weddings in India vary according to the region, the religion, the community, and also according to the preferences of the bride and groom. Just like festivals, weddings are also celebrated with extensive decorations, rituals, costumes, colors, and music. 10 million weddings are celebrated in India every year. Hence, below are the list of Indian wedding games you can use for your wedding.

Games that add fun quotient to Indian weddings

Nobody likes a wedding full of rituals with no fun elements. These games would be the best way to break the ice among the guests which also adds fun to the wedding customs. Big fat Indian weddings didn’t just get this term for the extravagance and splendor, but also because of the added fun and games. Couples and their families leave no stone unturned to make sure that their guests enjoy all the ceremonies to the core and the quirky games make the function a memorable one.

Different types of games played during Indian weddings

Who’s the Bride?

This game is basically for the groom, but it can be a lot of fun for everybody to watch. The groom is blindfolded and there are a bunch of 7-8 girls apart from the bride. Now he has to identify the bride by touching the hands of all the girls. Just imagine the fun if he identifies a wrong girl!

Spot the name

This is a popular traditional Indian Wedding game. In this game, the bride has to imbibe the initials of the groom’s name and the groom has to find out those letters.

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Ring Fishing

This is another hugely popular game one can find in Indian Weddings. When this game is played you will find the family members more excited than the couple itself. A big bowl is filled with milk and the wedding rings of the couple are put down in the bowl. The bride and groom have to find the rings using their free hands. Whoever finds the ring first gets the bragging rights for the rest of their life.


Indian weddings are incomplete without this game. We would have played this game several times during our childhood days. You don’t have to spend a single dime to play this game. Make two teams and let your guess sing the movie songs while one team sings, the other team has to identify the name of the movie of that song. This antakshari would be ideal for the sangeet ceremony.

Guess the family member

These games help the couples to know about the family members of both sides. It is an excellent game that also checks the couple’s guessing ability and adds some charm and giggles to the wedding ceremony. The photographs of relatives from both sides are shown to the groom and bride and they have to identify the family members correctly.

A dance face-off

A dance face-off between the bride and the groom’s side with the loud DJ music playing around is a treat to watch. It elevates the celebration mood to a different level. This is one of the mainstream yet engaging Indian wedding games.

Bottom Line

No doubt that a wedding is an auspicious ceremony with a lot of rituals attached to it. But it would be boring and dull without these wedding games which adds a lot more glamour and fun to the wedding. Fun-filled wedding games are the ones that help us to keep the beautiful memories of weddings alive. This is the reason why millennial couples prefer to add some fun and quirky games along with the wedding ceremony to make it an unforgettable one.