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Discover the vastness of the Indian culture and the diversity it upholds. Learn about the different wedding ceremonies around India. Read on more to see how different culture conducts their wedding ceremony.

Traditional Kannada wedding

posted by on 3-10-19 in Other Weddings

Weddings in Karnataka are the gorgeous blend of simplicity and grandness. It has more traditional…

All About Traditional Malayali Weddings

posted by on 2-9-19 in Other Weddings

Event fashion: Kerala, better known as, God’s own Country, is a land of breathtaking scenic…

Traditional Bengali Wedding

posted by on 26-8-19 in Other Weddings

Event Fashion: Traditional Bengali weddings are truly a visual delight. It is a beautiful blend…

Traditional Punjabi Wedding rituals

posted by on 25-8-19 in Other Weddings

Event Fashion: Traditional Punjabi weddings are expressive, with numerous colours on display and a warm…

Traditional Gujarati Wedding

posted by on 24-8-19 in Other Weddings

Gujarat is known for its culture and mouth-watering vegetarian delicacies. Gujaratis celebrate a wedding no…

Traditional Maharasthrian Wedding

posted by on 22-8-19 in Other Weddings

“Simplicity is beautiful”. Therefore, a traditional Maharasthrian wedding is based on this motto. After all,…