All you need to know about Sinhala wedding songs

All you need to know about Sinhala wedding songs to be played at your wedding. Read on to know more about the wedding songs to play at your wedding.

Sinhala wedding songs to be played at your wedding

  • Thoran Bandinnata 

This song doesn’t need any introduction; one among the old hits songs. It is fro the album Gypsies. Therefore, its the most played the song at a wedding for nearly 2 decades.

  • Sathutu Sina Ha Wasana

This most forgotten hit song for a wedding: as one portion of the song has quite sad lyrics. The Sathutu Sina Ha Wasana song is from the album Gypsies. Therefore, use only the first portion. The way Sunil Perera sings will make everyone settle down and start focusing on you.

  • Kadalle Athiwu Kirilli Wage

Kadalle Athiwu Kirilli Wage sung by Greshan Ananda & Anjalin Gunathilaka. The upbeat mood of the song can liven up any wedding celebration. It’s from the movie named Corrine Almeida 

  • Ira Mudune Girawunne Kalabale

The movie Ira Mudune Girawunne Kalabale remains evergreen wedding song. This song is by Indrani Perera. 

  • Manaliyak Sanda Wage

Manaliyak Sanda Wage released and make your wedding moments more enjoyable. Greashan Ananda sang this song. Anjaleen Gunathilake provided the lyrics. This song is perfect for all wedding functions and a need in your wedding playlist. 

  • Muthu Keta Watena

This hip song sung by Rookantha Gunathilaka released with quite popular to get the function moving. It is groovy furthermore adds just everything a wedding needs. 

There you have some of the best Sinhala Wedding Songs. It’s time to get that playlist ready as the wedding season is almost here. These will ensure good times and loads of fun at weddings this year.

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